OwnCloud & Neolo: Store better. Share better. Work better.

Your files on your Neolo OwnCloud. Synchronized and safe between your computers and mobile devices. Share anything with anybody.

  • Monthly
  • Annually 10% OFF
  • Storage and secure file sharing
  • Device sync
  • 30 days moneyback

Cloud Basic

For individuals

€ 6.71 / mijn


Cloud Pro

For larger teams

€ 43.69 / mijn


Smart files: Always available and synchronized between all your devices.


Share files and directories with people inside and outside of your organization.

Improve your productivity. Work less hours optimizing your performance.


The Activity Stream collects users actions with files and folders and notifies and fires a notification.

Payment methods

Choose the one of your preference.


Benefits when choosing Neolo Owncloud instead of Box or Dropbox


Files encrypted because security is first priority

Fanatical support

80% of inquiries are answered in less than 1 hour

Reliable App: OwnCloud

Open source app audited by thousands of developers.

Reviews from website owners

Sinds 2002 hebben meer dan 10.000 klanten uit 79 landen voor onze webhosting gekozen, vooral vanaf Nederland


Excellent reputation

21 reviews


"I got fast and efficient support from Neolo by setting up an SSL certificate. I have the unlimited plan and it works perfect."

Natt Holiday


"A really good and easy to use hosting site. Using the available templates, I had my website up and running in a couple of hours."

Mary Bross


"They are the best. I have been with them for months, after trying many hosting companies that did not work for me. "

Willy Reyss


"Great hosting! Fair price, easy to manage. When issues arise, they respond quickly, usually within 24 hours. I've been hosting my website with them fo..."



"Excellent service and value for money. I had hosting with Nelo for more than a year. Also have hosting with lot more expensive companies. But Neolo va..."



Veelgestelde vragen

Waarom past Neolo bij mij?

Onze missie is dat elke persoon of bedrijf zijn idee kan omzetten in een website. Wij helpen u uw persoonlijke merk of project te ontwikkelen, online te verkopen en de inhoud te publiceren die u wilt. Kortom, om uw digitale bedrijf op te bouwen. We houden ervan om snelle, hoogwaardige klantenondersteuning te bieden, daarom beantwoorden we 80% van de vragen in minder dan 1 uur en hebben we een 9,5 / 10-beoordeling. Bovendien zijn onze servers superstabiel en bieden we een 30 dagen geld-terug-garantie. We maken deel uit van de Open-Startups-beweging: we maken de statistieken van de klantenservice openbaar en ook de stabiliteit van de servers. Elke week publiceren we nieuwe tutorials, cursussen, interviews met specialisten en kennisgidsen zodat jij jouw ondernemerschap naar een hoger niveau kunt tillen.

What is OwnCloud Neolo?

Neolo OwnCloud is an app that works like an external disk. Install it on your mobile devices and computers and you can store all types of files. When you want to access a file, you can do it from any of your devices because the data will be hosted in the Neolo cloud. It is also very easy to share entire folders or separate files. It's ideal to save time making your work more efficient, in addition to having all the files with security backup (backup) in our cloud.

What's the difference between OwnCloud Neolo versus Dropbox or Box?

At Neolo we are a small company (10K clients) that focus on providing personalized and very, very fast support. We answer 80% of inquiries in less than 1 hour. We did it because we are a team of 15 people distributed in different countries, and we all know each other. Each client is VERY important and we take care of them like gold or better yet, like Bitcoin. Unlike other larger and public companies that are financed by external investors, in Neolo we are a private company, so we finance ourselves with our clients and that is why we take so much care that everything works perfectly. In addition, the software (App) that you will use in Neolo OwnCloud to store, synchronize and share files, is open source, that is, it's audited by thousands of developers around the world. In another company the code is closed and you cannot know what happens with the processing of your data.

Is it easy to use?

It's super easy. You will learn in 5 minutes. It's an App that you install on your mobile devices and your computer, then create folders inside and upload the files you want. We will give you short video tutorials that explain its use step by step and also we offer you assistance from our team to learn how to use it.

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