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altavoz The domain is yours, it will always be in your name.

What is a domain?

A domain is the unique and exclusive name given to your website on the Internet so that a user can find it. In the same way that a physical business needs an address, a web browser needs a domain name to go to a website.

How does a domain work?

A domain is like a shortcut to reach the server that hosts your website. It is your space of independence in which you will always have control (unlike an account on social networks that belongs to foreign companies). It is important to clarify that if you buy a domain, you can also use it in subdomains (example: and in your email.

Tips for choosing a domain


Easy to remember

Find a short, concise and easy to remember name. Do not use hyphens, numbers or strange characters.


Find variations

When your business grows, for security, register names similar to your domain name.


Privacy first

Hide your personal data when registering your domain. Avoid spam and phishing.

The right domain, your first big step

Registering a domain name has never been easier. Simply choose the address, add it to your cart and check out. In a few minutes it will be available. It is fundamental that you also hire a hosting plan in case you do not have one yet. The domains are always registered on behalf of our clients full name.

Can I transfer a domain that I have in another hosting to Neolo?
Of course, it can be transferred with a couple of clicks.
transferir dominio Domain transfer

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Why does Neolo suit me?


Ervaring: we zijn in de markt sinds 2002. Stabiliteit: we verzadigen geen servers en we hebben online uitstekende tijd. Personalisatie: we beantwoorden 7 van de 10 vragen in minder dan 1 uur, veel sneller dan elke andere hosting. De eigenaren maken deel uit van het personeel. 10.000 klanten uit 50 landen vertrouwen ons. Alle plannen hebben Cloudlinux: we inkapselen elke webpagina zodat de overbelasting van de ene de andere niet schaadt. We monitoren 24 uur.

En nog belangrijker: we helpen tienduizenden mensen en organisaties hun ideeën en projecten om te zetten in websites die 24 uur per dag werken. Wij geloven in internet als een basisbehoefte, als een mensenrecht, het is wat mensen in staat stelt zich uit te drukken in de wereld en persoonlijk, economisch en spiritueel te groeien, dus we willen deel uitmaken van uw project en u helpen online te zijn met uw eigen naam op internet . We hebben servers in verschillende landen, klanten in heel Latijns-Amerika en NEOLO.COM wordt nog steeds bijgewoond door zijn eigenaars, in tegenstelling tot andere bedrijven. Wij waren de eerste aanbieder in Latijns-Amerika die in 2010 onbeperkte webhosting aanbood. Onze belangrijkste investeerders zijn onze klanten, elk die ons ondersteunt en ons toestaat om met hen mee te groeien. We willen dat uw project groeit en altijd werkt, dus we willen uw webhostingprovider zijn in Nederland.

What is a domain name?


The domain is the name by which we call the websites, for example NEOLO.COM FACEBOOK.COM GOOGLE.COM are domain names.

Does Neolo register domains?


Yes. We register many domain extensions, some are .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .CO .WS .ONLINE .CLUB .GURU .LA .LAT .TODAY .MOBI .REVIEWS .US .ES among many others. We also accept those from specific countries: .AR .CL .UY .BO .PY .BR .MX .EC .NI .CA .UK .RU among others. But you must register them on your own in the NIC of each country and buy the Web Hosting with us. If you need help, let us know and we'll give you a hand.

How often does the domains renew?


Domains can be renewed from 1 to 10 years.

Does the domain include web hosting?


No. The domain is the name of your website, and the hosting is the service that stores the files that your website shows when entering the domain.

Can I register a domain in Neolo and hire hosting with another provider?


Yes. However we recommend you to hire the domain and hosting with Neolo.

What is the difference between a regional domain and a .COM domain?


The .COM.AR domain has to be registered by you in The .COM domain can be registered with us. Both domains can be hosted in NEOLO.COM. The .COM domain is usually cheaper than .COM.AR domains. Other than that, there are no substantial differences.

Do I need a trademark to have my domain?


No, the brand and the domain are independent from each other.

Can I protect my domain registration data?


Yes, you can protect your domain registration data for a small annual fee.

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I've my gastronomy website in Neolo, everything was quick and easy.

Vicky Vago - Living Eat

We're customers since 10 years and we would choose Neolo again.

Federico Pacheco - Entropy Security

I choose Neolo to host my clients websites and I never had a problem

Michelle Dure - Graphic designer @ Decero

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