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Choosing the right technology to offer you domains, hosting and websites is to choose mental health.

Datacenter in the US and Europe

Technical quality standards in the US and EUR are vastly higher than those in Latin America. There is at least 10 years of advantage. Cybercrime problems in the US and EUR are handled by the FBI and specialized police (in other words, your information is more secure).


The PHP engine will be the one that allows your website to work with the PHP programming language. Our engine is installed on all servers and with the latest stable version.


Speed, security and simplicity make MySQL the most widely used database server for web hosting in the world. We have the latest stable version.


It is the Linux based operating system specially designed to function as a web hosting platform.


We rely on cPanel, the world's leading control panel for security and simplicity.


In the past we developed our own billing system, but the reality is that after a few years, we learned to realize that the phrase "shoemaker to your shoes" was brilliant. We then outsource the billing system by contracting WHMCS which are companies that are specifically dedicated to developing billing and billing panels for web hosting companies. That if, the means of payment of Latam for example did not exist, then with our programmers we developed the specific modules for each country.


There's much to think when it comes to buying networking equipment. Cisco is and will remain - at least for a few years - the best networking and networking company in the world. That's why we chose them to implement all the technology that the web hosting network requires.

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