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It's the commission that we will credit you for each payment made by your referrals.

Monthly payments

Each month we credit commissions to accounts that have reached the threshold of $ 1,500.

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We provide you with text links, banners and logos.


What is Neolo's affiliate system?


Through the Neolo affiliate system you can recommend the products and services and obtain a commission percentage of the amount paid by each of your referrals.

How much is the commission?


Currently the commission is 30% recurrent, ie if you refer 5 customers who each pay 10 USD a month, you would be 3 USD (30% of 10 USD) * 5 customers = 15 USD a month

How do you make commission payments?


The commission payments are made through PayPal.

Is there a limit to send payments?


Yes, it's necessary that you have obtained 100 USD of commission so that we can make the payment.

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