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It's the commission that we will credit you for each payment made by your referrals. Except VPS and dedicated servers.

Monthly payments

Each two months we credit commissions to accounts that have reached the threshold of USD 100

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We provide you with text links, banners and logos.


What is Neolo's affiliate system?


Through the Neolo affiliate system you can recommend the products and services and obtain a commission percentage of the amount paid by each of your referrals. Excludes VPS, domains, dedicated servers, and add ons.

How much is the commission?


Currently the commission is 30% recurrent, ie if you refer 5 customers who each pay 10 USD a month, you would be 3 USD (30% of 10 USD) * 5 customers = 15 USD a month

How do you make commission payments?


The commission payments are made through PayPal.

Is there a limit to send payments?


Yes, it's necessary that you have obtained 100 USD of commission so that we can make the payment.

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