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altavoz En Neolo el dominio es tuyo, siempre estará a tu nombre.

¿Por qué transferir mi dominio a Neolo?

El dominio siempre estará a tu nombre y podrás pagar en tu moneda local. Y si tienes tu web hosting con nosotros entonces te conviene tener tanto el dominio con el web hosting con Neolo para tener un sólo proveedor de confianza.

¿Cómo inicio la transferencia?

Tienes que pedirle el código "EPP" a tu proveedor de dominio anterior. Luego regresas a nuestra página, haces clic en Iniciar Transferencia, escribes el dominio e ingresas el código EPP. Si el dominio es de un país (ejemplo .AR .CL .ES) entonces deberás contactar a nuestra atención al cliente porque los procesos pueden ser distintos.


We accept the main means of payment. You will only have to choose the one of your preference.



Why does Neolo suit me?


Our mission is that any person or company can turn their idea into a website. We help you develop your personal brand or project, sell online and publish any content you need. To sum up, we help you build your online business.

We are pleased to give a fast and quality customer service, that's why we answer 80% of inquiries in less than 1 hour and have a 9.5/10 reviews qualification. We also have super stable servers and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are part of the Open-Startups movement: we publish our customer service metrics and also the servers stability.

Every week we publish new tutorials, workshops, specialists interviews and knowledge guides so that you can take your entrepreneurial up to the next level.

What is a domain?


The domain is the unique and exclusive name that is given to your website on the Internet so that a user can find you. For example:, and are domain names.

Does Neolo register domains?


Yes, we register lots of domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co and .es, among others.

We also accept country specific ones (.ar, .cl, .uy, .bo, .py, .br, .mx, .ec, .ni, .ca, .uk, .ru, etc.). Those will need to be registered in each country NIC by your own. If you need any help, let us know and we will asist you.

How often do I have to renew the domains?


Domains can be renewed between 1 to 10 years.

Does the domain include web hosting?


No. The domain is your websites name, while the hosting is the service that stores your site and all its content. They are two different services.

Can I register a domain in Neolo and hire hosting with another provider?


Yes. However we recommend you to hire the domain and hosting with Neolo.

What is the difference between a regional domain and a .COM domain?


The .COM.AR domain has to be registered by you in The .COM domain can be registered with us. Both domains can be hosted in NEOLO.COM. The .COM domain is usually cheaper than .COM.AR domains. Other than that, there are no substantial differences.

Do I need a trademark to have my domain?


No, the brand and the domain are independent from each other.

Can I protect my domain registration data?


Yes, you can protect your domain registration data for a small annual fee.

What data is required for the registration of extensions .ES and .UK?


.ES: entity type, ID type (generic, VAT or resident), ID number.
.UK: legal type of registrant, company or person for whom the domain is registered.

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