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Bloquea malware, rastreadores y anuncios intrusivos con la Protección contra amenazas GRATIS.

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What is VPN? What is it for?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to establish a protected and private connection when you browse the Internet.

Generally when you browse the Internet, you leave a mark. Your IP address is public information and identifies you. The VPN routes your Internet traffic, through a provider like Neolo, so that IP address is not known. Nobody will be able to see what websites you visited because the VPN encrypts the traffic. In other words, a VPN can encrypt your browsing and hide your identity online.

It prevents other people from knowing your activities, maintains 100% your privacy and prevents data theft.

It is essential to have it!

Why should you use a VPN?

Protect your identity

All your online activity will be with our IPs, not yours.

Overcome geo-restrictions

Access social networks, platforms or videos no matter how much they try to block you.


Low cost and Apps for all devices.


We accept the main means of payment. You will only have to choose the one of your preference.


Reviews from website owners

Since 2002, more than 10K clients from 79 countries have chosen our web hosting, especially from India


Excellent reputation

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Natt Holiday


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Mary Bross


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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. Through an App you will connect to the VPN to have privacy and anonymity. VPNs act as intermediaries with any website or platform you connect to, making your actions virtually impossible to track. When you connect to a website or platform, the connection will be made from the VPN IP. Plus, the VPN establishes secure, encrypted connections to give you even more privacy.

How do I connect to Neolo VPN?

When you purchase the VPN we will send you a link to download OpenVPN and a VPN configuration file/file.

OpenVPN is a free and open source app that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone.

You install OpenVPN and then open the Neolo VPN configuration file/file.

Ready! You can now browse with total privacy.

Why is Neolo's VPN better than a VPN from a brand with millions of users?

When you buy a VPN from a large, well-known brand, their VPN IPs are already known and registered by countries, governments, and other platforms.

The advantage of Neolo VPN is that we have few clients (less than 200) so no government, video-audio streaming platform or anyone knows that the IPs correspond to a VPN.

That is, you will be more anonymous and the VPN will work better.

Which countries' IPs can I choose for the VPN?

USA. But if you need other countries you can ask us and if we have it available, we will activate it for you.

Will you help me connect to the VPN?

Yeah. We have a customer service team that loves to help. We are waiting :)

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