Started with a reseller hosting. We did everything: tech support, sales, billing, etc.


Learned a lot about online marketing and online sales to increase our number of clients.


Neolo's founder recalls: "In 2004 I wanted us to have offices, but since I was 19 years old, the real estate companies did not take care of me and they did not want to rent me because I was under the age of 18. Curious that one can go to war but not rent an office or create a company! So I decided to create some additional environments in my parents' house and to serve the first clients of the company from there." Already with office running in the neighborhood of Palermo, the first employee, the first hundreds of customers and always green numbers, we go forward.


Over the next three years, we kept investing in online marketing, and our website and hired our first home-office staff.


We changed the Aeolus Hosting brand to Neolo. Simply because it was easier to remember. The reality is that no one knew that "Aeolus" was the Greek god of the wind but to maintain a certain similarity we managed to hold "EOLO" (this is how it is pronounced Aeolus) and the N forward, in addition to pointing us to the new name as a neologism, also gave him a certain tone of novelty and to keep us always at the forefront, with the new, something very important in the Internet industry. Given the growth, we moved our teams to a datacenter that could meet Neolo's needs, doubling his customer base year after year uninterrupted. Also, we exploit the "canned" billing systems that US companies develop for other hosting companies several times, so we developed our own system that could meet the needs of Neolo and our customers. We moved to a bigger office with a nice pool :)


Our team grows. We keep moving. Customers were already thousands. More than 10 people working in Neolo. Our best marketing was to provide the best service available in the market.


We left the computers and appeared in newspapers, TV, radios and more.
We support digital events such as Barcamp, WordCamp, Blog Days, among others, that promoted the development of the Internet in $ country.
We became the first company in Latam and India to provide an unlimited web hosting service.
We launched Neolo.TV, a technology and Internet video blog.
We moved to a new, bigger and modern office.


Neolo starts international expansion to US, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Romania.


We renew the image, logo, web and update the presence and growth solutions online.

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