Your website in Neolo, your emails and office suite in Google.

Get today the hosting for your website in Neolo and the entire office suite and Gmail with Google. Optimize your work!


What is Google Suite?

G Suite is a platform created by Google that allows you to have your entire office in the cloud. Buy a package on the G Suite website right now and get all the tools you need to professionalize your emails and your daily work. Have at your fingertips indispensable tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Sheets and many more. In addition, as we tell you, you can have your own personalized emails with your company or personal brand.

G Suite

Benefits of using G-Suite with Neolo



The best of both worlds: Neolo Hosting, emails and Google office suite.



Truy cập và chia sẻ tập tin từ bất cứ nơi nào bạn đang có.



Control all information from your Google Suite and Neolo control panel.



Give access to the users that you deem convenient in each Google tool.



Choose how much storage you need in each Google Suite and Neolo plan.



Add security options, such as two-step verification or single sign-on (SSO).

Choose the Web Hosting for your website. We will help you configure it with G-Suite.

Neolo gives you the opportunity to combine the best Web Hosting together with the most powerful tools to work in a professional team. G-Suite is chosen by millions of organizations worldwide. Hire G Suite directly from the Google website and choose the Neolo hosting plan that suits you. Our support team will help you associate both services.

Gói không giới hạn

  • không giới hạn tên miền
  • Professional email accounts
  • không giới hạn không gian
  • không giới hạn cơ sở MySQL
  • WordPress quick install
  • Người tạo trang web
As low as

81 ₫/month

On Sale: Save 50%
161 ₫/month plan renews Mua

Plan 0

  • 1 tên miền
  • Professional email accounts
  • không giới hạn không gian
  • không có cơ sở MySQL
As low as

34.39 ₫/month

On Sale: Save 50%
69 ₫/month plan renews Mua

Giá được thể hiện bằng nội tệ, cuối cùng và không có chi phí ẩn :)

Tất cả các gói Neolo Web Hosting bao gồm: SSL miễn phí có thể cài đặt tự động hoặc trả phí ✓ Tương thích mềm mại và WordPress (trừ Gói 0) ✓ Các phiên bản PHP: 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 và 7.1

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Câu hỏi thường gặp

Does Neolo offers Google Suite?


No, you must sign up on the Google website.

How do I use G Suite with Neolo?


Once you purchase G Suite on the Google website, you must link Neolo to Google's servers. It is a simple process but in case you need help, we will assist you without inconvenience.

What do I need in order to use Google Suite


To use G Suite you simply need your own domain, a DNS and the Neolo Web Hosting service.

What is a domain?


The domain name is the name that will appear in your URL. For example: Thanks to a DNS (provided by Neolo) you can link your own domain with G Suite.

Why is it important to sign up at a web hosting company?


The hosting company you hire, in this case Neolo, can help you in all the steps of the integration with G Suite. In addition, you will have your web page hosted on a quality server and you will have technical support as many times as you need it. You can for example use Gmail accounts (provided by Google) with your own domain and website (provided by Neolo). Also, share files in the cloud, spreadsheets and text documents.

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