We believe that behind each client there is a person and not a number.


We use the best of both worlds: Technology from the United States and customer service from Latin America.


Every 6 months we expand the capacity of all web hosting plans.


We listen to our customers.


We have +14 years of experience in domains, web hosting and websites.


Every day we think about how to improve.


We believe in gender equality: We are one of the few technology companies that has 50% women in our staff.


We are fans of what we do: We love the internet and we want everyone to have their place on the web.


We want the best regardless of its geographical location: Our staff is made up of people from Buenos Aires, CABA, Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Venezuela, Uruguay and Germany.


We have service vocation. We love helping and that you achieve your goals on the Internet.

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