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√ It is an e-commerce platform that creates tailor-made online stores.
√ More features available.
√ The interface is friendly but we recommend professional assistance to make it work properly.
√ You only pay for hosting. No transaction fees.


√ It is a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform.
√ Recommended for digital businesses that sell thousands of dollars a month and require more advanced features.
√ You will need professional assistance.
√ You only pay for hosting. No transaction fees.

What is an online store and what is it for?

An online store or e-commerce allows you to sell your products online.

It is basically a website adapted for sale. You can add product catalogs with their descriptions, photos, price and shipping costs, add and renew stock and much more.

There are a couple of options to create an online store, such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Magento. The platform that you choose will provide you with default designs to build your online store.

Regardless of which one you use, you will have your online store hosted by Neolo hosting.
We will make sure that your website is 100% of the time online so you can receive user visits at all times.

We will also provide you with professional emails with your business name. For example:

Benefits of having an online store

Open 24 hours

Your store will be permanently available for users to browse and buy.

Secure Site

The store will have an HTTPS certificate that proves it is a safe and reliable site for users to make transactions.

Full configuration

You can easily set up products, prices, and more. Link payment methods and a logistics service suitable for your business.

SEO Friendly

Your online store will show up on Google and can get to the top of Google search results.

Responsive Design

The store will look perfect and transactions can be made from any device.
Keep in mind that most people make purchases through their smartphones!


Your store will be linked to customer service systems, stock control, social networks and all of your sales channels.

Build a responsive online store

More than half of Internet traffic is generated through mobile devices. Create your online store suitable for mobile with Neolo.

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What is an online store?


An online store is a website prepared for e-commerce. Thanks to all the e-commerce platforms that we offer, it will be easy for you to upload the products, choose a design for your store, configure the logistics and integrate payment methods.

What is the difference between Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento?


Woocommerce is ideal to start an online shop and it is installed together with WordPress in your web hosting plan. It is an open source electronic commerce platform, this means that any developer can read the code and improve or change it. It will take a bit of time and a couple of questions from our hosting support team to set it up but once it is done you will have total control over your store. There are loads of easy to use plugins available to customize WooCommerce. There are no extra costs for using the platform or sales commissions. To get started with Woocommerce, choose a premium web hosting plan. You will get web hosting, your own domain and professional emails. We recommend this platform to start your online shop.

Prestashop is an e-commerce platform to create a more complex online store and it will expand the capabilities of your store. It is also open source and highly customizable. Unlike Woocommerce, which is an addition to WordPress, Prestashop is a platform designed from the ground up for e-commerce. It usually requires professional assistance for installation, configuration and optimization. We recommend it only for businesses that have already tried Woocommerce. To move forward with this option, you will also need a premium web hosting plan to install Prestashop, get professional emails and your own domain.

Magento is the best option in terms of open source platform, but all the power and features come with the need for professional assistance to manage it. We recommend it only for stores that are already selling several thousand dollars a month and that have professionals on their teams. Magento is the world’s leading digital commerce platform. Highly recommend it to advanced online shops with years of experience. Choose a premium web hosting plan to install Magento, get professional emails and your own domain.

Why should I create my online store in Neolo?


More than 3,000 online stores in 50 countries already choose Neolo. We offer the option of choosing between different e-commerce platforms, a premium web hosting service on high quality SSD disks and a very fast page load speed. This is fundamental for an outstanding user experience. We also provide HTTPS certificates to ensure data encryption throughout the purchase stage, building confidence and boosting sales. Finally, our technical support team will be available to help you 24/7.

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