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Woocommerce specialized hosting in Noreg

Premium Hosting designed to keep your Woocommerce online store running 24 hours without downtime.

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Premium Woocommerce Hosting

Recommended for websites with intensive use of Woocommerce in Noreg

Plan Premium 4

  • 1 website
  • 100 GB SSD disk space
  • 8 GB RAM
  • SSL free
  • Cache + CDN
  • Priority support
As low as

€76 /month

On Sale: Save 50%
€153 /month plan renews Buy

Plan Premium 3

  • 1 website
  • 90 GB SSD disk space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • SSL free
  • Cache + CDN
  • Priority support
As low as

€51 /month

On Sale: Save 50%
€102 /month plan renews Buy

Plan Premium 2

  • 1 website
  • 70 GB SSD disk space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SSL free
  • Cache + CDN
  • Priority support
As low as

€24.70 /month

On Sale: Save 50%
€49.39 /month plan renews Buy

Plan Premium 1

  • 1 website
  • 60 GB SSD disk space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • SSL free
  • Cache + CDN
  • Priority support
As low as

€12.35 /month

On Sale: Save 50%
€24.69 /month plan renews Buy

Super support: Neolo replies 7 of 10 tickets in less than 1 hour.

All Premium Hosting plans include white label, cPanel, PHP, 1.000 GB transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited technical support.

SSL Security
Norton Secured

Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Paypal

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is an extension that is installed with WordPress so you can create an online store quickly, easily and economically. Woocommerce empowers millions of online stores, is ideal for small and medium businesses that are taking their first steps and also for those who have a good level of sales. We offer you the hosting that your online store with Woocommerce and WordPress needs.

Create an online store with Woocommerce

I tillegg inkluderer våre Woocommerce Hosting-planer:

Free Cloud Hosting

All of our hosting servers are cloud hosting servers. This guarantees the best performance for your website.

Unlimited emails

Unlimited email accounts

FREE Migration

Our migration team will move your website to Neolo, for free, if possible.

Emails and redirects

Available through web or via app. For desktop and mobile devices.

MySQL databases: Unlimited

Blogs, forums, shopping carts, and all the MySQL databases you need.

Transparent settings

Each premium hosting plan has very clear limits, so there will be no saturation in the service.

Free Search Engine Submission

Your website showing up in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Neolo Mobile

Access to cPanel or Webmail is available from your mobile device.


Security is our #1 priority. All emails and web content is scanned for viruses.

Daily Backups

Generate and download backups of your website, every day.


This is the easiest and most powerful control panel for web hosting.

Web Statistics

This data provide critical insights about your website visitors.

Best uptime

Websites running 24 hours at the best uptime in the industry. Servers are located in the US.

+200 Apps

Selvinstallerbar med 1 klikk fra brukerpanelet: WordPress, Magento, Moodle, Joomla, Drupal. Bortsett fra plan 0


+500 readings, videos and articles to learn from web hosting, web design, programming, online marketing

Hosting for Developers

Our servers support PHP / MySQL and hundreds of pre-installed modules in Apache.

Earn $$$

Sign up to be a Neolo Affiliate and begin earning money right away!

Hosting for designers

Build your website with HTML5, CSS, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Corel.

If you want, when buying, add them to your Woocommerce Hosting:

HTTPS for your domain

Add https: // in front of your domain. The information will travel encrypted, therefore, will provide more security.

SEO Report

Our experts analyze your website and tell you what you have to optimize to appear higher in the search engines.

Additional security backup

Extra backup for your entire account and moved to another datacenter for added security.

Anti Malware

En god antivirus er avgjørende, slik at nettstedet alltid er beskyttet. Vi sikrer nettstedkoden din mot virus, malware, phishing og spam.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We set up, update and maintain your WordPress clean of malware. We also block spam and optimize it for Google, Yahoo! and Bing

New Domains

You can now register new .CLUB .TECH .ONLINE .GLOBAL .ME domains and many more.

The #1 hosting control panel

Welcome to the most simple and intuitive panel of the market.

With cPanel you manage your website, email accounts and databases.

Professional Email

Create email accounts, redirects, and access the webmail from anywhere in the world.


Limit access to certain parts of your website with passwords, take care of your site with HotLink Protection, Leech protection and ModSecurity.


Configure subdomains, additional domains, parked domains, and manage DNS zones.

Apps 1 Click Install

Install thousands of applications with just one click from the cPanel.


Edit and back up your files.

MySQL Databases

Create and manage MySQL databases from phpMyAdmin.



Why does Neolo suit me?


Erfaring: Vi har vært i markedet siden 2002. Stabilitet: Vi metter ikke servere og vi har god tid på nettet. Tilpasning: Vi svarer på 7 av 10 spørsmål på under 1 time, mye raskere enn noen annen hosting. Eierne er en del av personalet. 10.000 kunder fra 50 land stoler på oss. Alle planer har Cloudlinux: Vi innkapsler hver webside slik at overbelastningen på den ene ikke skader de andre. Vi overvåker 24 timer.

Og viktigst av alt: Vi hjelper titusenvis av mennesker og organisasjoner med å gjøre deres ideer og prosjekter om til nettsteder som jobber 24 timer i døgnet. Vi tror på Internett som et grunnleggende behov, som en menneskerettighet, det er det som gjør at folk kan uttrykke seg for verden og vokse personlig, økonomisk og åndelig, så vi vil være en del av prosjektet ditt og hjelpe deg å være online med ditt eget navn på Internett . Vi har servere i flere land, kunder i hele Latin-Amerika, og i motsetning til andre selskaper fortsetter NEOLO.COM av sine eiere. Vi var den første leverandøren i Latin-Amerika som ga ubegrenset webhotell i 2010. Våre viktigste investorer er våre kunder, hver og en, som støtter oss og lar oss fortsette å vokse med dem. Vi ønsker at prosjektet ditt skal vokse og alltid skal fungere, så vi ønsker å være din webhotellleverandør i Noreg.

Do you register domains?


Yes. We register many domain extensions, some are .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .CO .WS .ONLINE .CLUB .GURU .LA .LAT .TODAY .MOBI .REVIEWS .US .ES among many others. We also accept those from specific countries: .AR .CL .UY .BO .PY .BR .MX .EC .NI .CA .UK .RU among others. But you must register them on your own in the NIC of each country and buy the Web Hosting with us. If you need help, let us know and we'll give you a hand.

What is Premium Woocommerce Hosting?


Premium Woocommerce Hosting is a type of shared hosting service designed exclusively for demanding websites that require more power than a website in a traditional shared Hosting. In detail, Premium Wordpress Hosting includes more RAM, more processor, SSDs, priority technical support and free SSL certificate.

What Premium Hosting plan do I need?


Vi anbefaler at du starter med Premium Plan 1, og avhengig av forbruket til kontoen din, kan du raskt gå videre til en høyere plan.

Can I choose a web hosting plan and then change it for another one?


Yes, of course, whenever you want you can change it.

Will I have a 1 click application installer?


Yes. In all Hosting Premium plans you will have Softaculous which is the best in the market: You can choose between +200 applications which you want to install, you click on install, you choose in which directory you want it and ready, magic :)

How do I buy my hosting plan?


It's super easy. You choose a plan, complete your data and those of your website, make the payment and once accredited we'll send you an email with all the registration details so you can upload your website and configure your email accounts. You will also have access to tutorials and videos. And also our technicians for any doubt you have.

Migrasjon: Jeg er hos en annen leverandør og vil bytte til Neolo. Kan du hjelpe meg?


Yes. After purchasing your web hosting, we will request a full backup of your cPanel or Plesk account from your previous provider in order to be able to migrate it. If in your previous provider you used another control panel, tell us and we will analyze if we can migrate it, if not we explain you how to do it, usually is not complex at all. In case you need to transfer your domain to Neolo, you can also do so by purchasing your web hosting plan or your domain transfer.

I have already paid. How long does it take to be discharged?


Payments made through electronic platforms such as PayPal, credit cards and debit cards are instantaneous.

DNS: What are they? Are they white label?


DNS are names of servers that are responsible for connecting people entering your domain with the servers of NEOLO.COM and content hosted in your web hosting account. Our DNS are: and They are completely white label, so if your account is reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server, you can also use them.

Is there a limit to the number of emails to be sent?


We all want that mails reach the inbox, so spam is prohibited. You can send up to 150 emails per hour, it's a limit more than reasonable and superior to the rest of the providers. With regard to the number of mail accounts you can create, they are unlimited and you access them through your favorite mail program, mobile device, or webmail.

Do you do backups?


We make 1 full backup of all hosting accounts up to 2GB per week and move it to another datacenter. However, we advise that you also make and download your backups from your control panel

Will I have SSH?


Providing SSH in a shared hosting is unsafe and is a bad practice for web hosting providers, so we do not provide SSH in the shared hosting, however, if you hire a VPS or Dedicated Server, we can provide SSH Root.

Do you accept hosting for online games?


Not for shared Hosting. But if it is a Facebook app you must hire a VPS. If it is a game server then no, we do not offer.

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I've my gastronomy website in Neolo, everything was quick and easy.

Vicky Vago - Living Eat

We're customers since 10 years and we would choose Neolo again.

Federico Pacheco - Entropy Security

I choose Neolo to host my clients websites and I never had a problem

Michelle Dure - Graphic designer @ Decero

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