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Why choose us? Among other reasons :)

We are a team of professionals working every day so you can have the best Hosting service, your website working correctly and your professional email


Global web hosting platform

Fast and stable servers distributed throughout the world, technical support in your language


+18 years of experience

Our business grew based on recommendations


+80,000 hosted websites

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, individuals, agencies, companies, foundations and more


Specialized technical support

80% of responses in less than 1 hour


Fast websites

Page loads up to 5x faster than in other hostings


100% remote team

Professionals with cPanel certifications and frequent training

Our mission

Our daily goal is that any person or company can turn their idea into a website.
We encourage each person to develop their personal brand or her project, to sell online and publish the content they want. In short, to build your digital business.

  • 2002
    We started small, as web hosting resellers. We did everything: tech support, sales, billing, etc.
  • 2003
    After training and learning everything we could about online marketing and online sales, we started to grow our customers base.
  • 2004
    Neolo's founder recalls: "In 2004 I wanted us to have offices, but since I was only 19 years old, the real estate agencies did not take me seriously. Funny that one could go to war at that age but not rent an office or create a company! So I decided to repurpose a room in my parents' house and to meet up with our company’s first clients from there" With our first office running in the neighborhood of Palermo, came our first employee, the first hundreds of customers and always green numbers. We kept on growing.
  • 2007
    Over the next three years, we kept investing in online marketing, our website and we hired our first remote employee.
  • 2008
    We changed the Aeolus Hosting brand to Neolo. Simply because it was easier to remember. We noticed that not many people were aware that "Aeolus", our company’s name at the time, was the Greek god of wind. To maintain a certain similarity we managed to keep "EOLO" (this is how it is pronounced Aeolus) and added the N at the beginning. Our new name reminded us of the importance of staying fresh and innovating, especially in the tech industry and digital world. Our business keeps on growing and we moved our servers to a datacenter that could meet Neolo's needs. Our customer base doubles every year, so we developed our own system to meet our customers needs. We moved to a bigger office with a nice pool :)
  • 2009
    Our team grows. We keep moving. We have thousands of customers. More than 10 people working for Neolo. Our best marketing strategy was to provide the best service available on the market.
  • 2010
    We are on the media for the first time.
    We start supporting digital events.
    We were the first company in many countries to provide unlimited Web Hosting service and SEO consulting.
    We launched Neolo TV, a video blog on technology and the Internet.
  • 2014
    We launch Neolo in every Spanish-speaking country in the world. We expand our Web Hosting cloud network by placing servers in the US, United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Romania and Latin America. We become a full remote working company. No more physical offices.
  • 2017
    We renew our brand, website and update our Web Hosting solutions and online growth.

There are no borders on the Internet.

Every day, we connect more than 5 million people around the world with tens of thousands of websites hosted on our servers. We are proud that more than 10,000 customers from 79 countries trust us


Since 2002, more than 10K clients from 79 countries have chosen our web hosting, especially from United States

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