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With Wordfence, we secure your website against malware, viruses, phishing and spam.

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Why remove malware from your website?

Better reputation

Be able to send and receive emails with a good reputation

Suurendage enesekindlust

To inspire confidence to your visitors and lead to more sales.


To avoid being blocked by search engines and browsers.

It's time to keep your website protected

We do it for you!

Malware Removal Plan

  • Full Web Scan
  • Malware Removal
  • Unsafe Code Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization

At only € 3.74 per month


Super support: Neolo replies 7 of 10 tickets in less than 1 hour.. Annual payment

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Why does Neolo suit me?


We have been on the market since 2002. We have already helped tens of thousands of people and organizations turn their ideas and projects into 24-hour websites. We believe in the Internet as a basic need, as a human right, is what allows people to express themselves to the world and grow personally, economically and spiritually, that's why we want to be part of your project and help you to be online with your own name on the Internet . We have servers in several countries, customers throughout Latin America and unlike other companies, NEOLO.COM is still being serviced by its owners. We were the first provider in Latin America to offer unlimited web hosting in 2010. Our main investors are our clients, each and every one, who support us and allow us to continue growing with them. We want your project to grow and always work, so we want to be your web hosting provider in Eesti.

What is malware removal?


Malware removal is a service that removes malicious content from your website, fixes the unsafe code and protects your site from being violated again.

How is the step by step malware removal from my website?


Hire the service, a technician will access your website, identify the problem, and solve it.

How long does it take to activate full protection?


From the time you hire the service, it takes up to 1 hour to 3 business days to resolve an insecurity problem.

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Olen Neolos oma gastronoomilise projekti meisterlik, kõik oli lihtne ja kiire.

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Federico Pacheco - entroopia turvalisus

Valin Neolo oma klientide veebisaitide hostimiseks ja mul polnud kunagi probleeme

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More than 10,000 customers from 50 countries trust Neolo

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