Google Test My Site Optimization

We increase the score of your website so that your visitors have a better browsing experience, make it easier to appear in the first places of the search engines and to optimize your advertising investment in digital marketing.

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What is Google Test My Site and why should I optimize it?

Google Test My Site is a Google tool that analyzes your website based on friendliness and speed from mobile devices, and speed from desktop computers and laptops. Improving the score that Google assigns to your website translates into better experiences for your visitors, more sales and a perception of greater professionalism for Google. Analyze your website now, we can raise your score!

We improve the score of your website

Once you get the scores that Google has assigned you, hire our team of web programming experts and user experience (UX) to optimize it.

Google Test My Site Optimization

  • Mobile Devices Optimization
  • Speed on mobile devices
  • Speed on desktop computers
  • Work and results report
  • Delivery in 4 business days
  • Scope: 3 work hours

Single payment


Super support: Neolo replies 7 of 10 tickets in less than 1 hour.

The optimization includes 3 hours of work. We will deliver a report detailing the work done. If we require more time, we will make a customized proposal.


Why does Neolo suit me?


Experience: We have been in the market since 2002. Stability: We do not saturate servers and we have excellent time online. Personalization: We answer 7 out of 10 questions in less than 1 hour, much faster than any other hosting. The owners are part of the staff. 10,000 customers from 50 countries trust us. All plans have Cloudlinux: We encapsulate each web page so that the overload of one does not harm the others. We monitor 24 hours.

And most importantly: We help tens of thousands of people and organizations turn their ideas and projects into websites that work 24 hours a day. We believe in the Internet as a basic need, as a human right, it is what allows people to express themselves to the world and grow personally, economically and spiritually, so we want to be part of your project and help you be online with your own name on the Internet . We have servers in several countries, clients throughout Latin America and unlike other companies, NEOLO.COM continues to be attended by its owners. We were the first provider in Latin America to provide unlimited web hosting in 2010. Our main investors are our clients, each and every one, who support us and allow us to continue growing with them. We want your project to grow and always work, so we want to be your web hosting provider in Belgie.

What is the advantage of acquiring the Google Test My Site optimization?


You'll improve the Quality Score of your Google AdWords ads, your visitors will have a better browsing experience and more sales.

Can you achieve excellent scores on all Google Test My Site items?


There are cases where yes and others where not. To achieve a perfect score you usually have to completely redo the website code. We perform a code optimization that usually increases the current performance by 30%, in some cases it is more.

We work to achieve this testimonials

Our greatest satisfaction is to make our customers ideas turn into reality. When everything works perfect, our work goes unnoticed, but yours shines. And that is what matters.

I've my gastronomy website in Neolo, everything was quick and easy.

Vicky Vago - Living Eat

We're customers since 10 years and we would choose Neolo again.

Federico Pacheco - Entropy Security

I choose Neolo to host my clients websites and I never had a problem

Michelle Dure - Graphic designer @ Decero

More than 10,000 customers from 50 countries trust Neolo

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