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We offer you our email marketing and newsletter platform, easy to use and ideal for your mailing campaigns in Belgie.

In addition, we guide you step by step to grow your mailing lists, achieve more openings and more visibility.

Learn about email marketing plans

Email Marketing for your business

With Neolo Email Marketing, we bring you a super simple email marketing and email automation tool that everyone can use. We also accompany you step by step so that you can send your massive mailing campaigns in Belgie and all over the world.

What is it and why it suit me?

Email has existed since 1971 and will continue to exist for many years to come.

Every person has at least one email address. It is one of the most valuable digital properties we have.

Email Marketing is one of the most profitable specialties of Digital Marketing.

ROI: for every $1 invested, they return an average of $42, according to Hubspot studies.


Upload contacts manually or automatically from a form on your website.


Create beautiful and efficient design pieces with our simple template editor.


Send email marketing campaigns, newsletter and more. Whenever you want, as many times as you want.


Get tracking reports with information on emails sent, delivered, opened, and the number of click and more.

Your marketing email plan, tailor made

Within these email marketing plans is yours, at the best price and with maximum ease of use

Mailing 1k

  • 1.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 2.5k

  • 2.500 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 5k

  • 5.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 7.5k

  • 7.500 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 10K

  • 10.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 15k

  • 15.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 20k

  • 20.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

Mailing 50k

  • 50.000 contacts
  • Unlimited shipping

30 days moneyback in all our plans

All email marketing plans include an online tool for template editing, mailing list upload and statistics. Also advice on the management of the campaigns.


We accept the main means of payment. You will only have to choose the one of your preference.


In addition, our Email Marketing plans include:

Cloud Email Marketing

Email marketing servers always work because they are in the cloud

Simple sendings

Enter your online panel, prepare the content and send it via web

The best templates

You do not need a designer, you have at your disposal hundreds of templates for you to choose

No difficult configurations

Simply decide the sender of the mailings from our panel


You will be able to know how many emails you sent, how many opened it, how many and where they clicked and much more

Mobile Friendly

Your emails will be friendly so recipients can view them on mobile devices


Why does Neolo Email Marketing suit me?


At Neolo we are committed to making your email marketing easy, fast and efficient. We process more than 5 million emails per month. We also have experience since 2002 and we are backed by more than 10000 customers.

How many email marketing sendings can I make?


Contacts are limited and the total can not exceed the contracted subscription.

Shipments are unlimited in plans up to 100,000 contacts.

From the plan of 110,000 or more contacts you can send up to 12 times per month to all your contacts.

It is possible to change plans, increasing or decreasing according to needs, from one period to the next.

The shipments are not cumulative from one month to the next, every month the total of the chosen plan is renewed.

Example of monthly subscription for contacts for plans larger than 100,000 contacts: If a subscription of 110,000 contacts is contracted, you can upload a database of up to 110,000 contacts and can make up to 1,320,000 shipments per month. Each shipment is an email delivered to an email address.

What is the minimum contract?


There is no minimum contracting. The dwell time is defined by you.

Why does this type of email marketing plan suit me?


Because in addition to the plan, we give you the personalized support you need to help you with all your email marketing campaigns.

What happens if I exceed the plan limit?


In a few minutes we will be able to upgrade the plan and you will continue sending without problems.

Since 2002, more than 10K clients from 79 countries have chosen our web hosting, especially from Belgie

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