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Get an SSL Certificate for your website!

Protect your data and your customers information. Implement HTTPS and secure your website.
Build trust on your business website, improve its search engine ranking and boost your sales.

I want to secure my website

What does HTTPS mean and what is an SSL certificate?

HTTPS stands for Hiper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it is an updated and more secure version than HTTP. The S means the website has an SSL certificate to create a secure connection. HTTPS protocol encrypts the data between the website (server) and the browser (client).
SSL certificates add an extra layer of security for your website users and increase credibility.


Why do I need an SSL certificate for my website?

Google prioritizes safe websites. A verified website with SSL certificates proves your commitment to web security requirements and improves your search engine ranking.
Neolo offers you the best price and the best way to protect your website.
Prevent data theft, forgery, espionage and many more actions that damage your reputation. Provide security and protection to your customers!



Protect customers data by encrypting communications between their browsers and your website.



Secure sites using the HTTPS protocol have higher sales than those that don't use HTTPS.



Google gives SSL certificate-backed sites a better search engine optimization ranking than sites that do not have one.



If your brand's website is safe, your brand is safe too. Do not lose customers! Beat your competitors.



Websites with HTTPS load faster than those that use HTTP.



Ensures web compatibility working perfectly in most browsers.

Choose the SSL certificate that best suits your website!

Neolo offers you several alternatives to obtain a secure website, and with a good SEO in Google. SSL certificates will be installed by our team only if your website is hosted in Neolo.

SSL Standard

  • SSL certificate for 1 domain.
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility.
  • Installation cost included.
  • Certifying authority: Comodo.
  • Encryption level: Up to 256-bit.
  • Key length de 2048 Bits.
  • Facebook Compatible: Develop your Facebook Apps and host them on NEOLO.COM with SSL.

30.47 ZAR

(Minimum payment 1 year) I want it!

SSL Let's Encrypt

  • SSL certificate for 1 domain.
  • 99% Browser Compatibility.


  • SSL certificate for 1 domain and all its level 1 subdomains.
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility.
  • Installation cost included.
  • Certifying authority: Comodo.
  • Encryption level: Up to 256-bit.
  • Key length de 2048 Bits.
  • Facebook Compatible: Develop your Facebook Apps and host them on NEOLO.COM with SSL.

192.45 ZAR

(Minimum payment 1 year) I want it!

30 days moneyback in all our plans

Monthly prices. Minimum payment 1 year. Our current clients can purchase it from their client panel.


We accept the main means of payment. You will only have to choose the one of your preference.


Reminder: When you buy an SSL certificate you protect your data and your visitors data.

Make your website super safe. Your customers deserve it. Encrypt all site information and secure your website. Do not compromise your future!

Not sure how an SSL certificate works? Basically, when a user visits an HTTPS website, the user's computer requests a secure SSL connection, the server will then provide an SSL certificate and a backup copy of their public key. The user’s computer then sends an encrypted key back to the server. Once the server decrypts it, it creates a secure connection.

It is important to know that the use of HTTPS encrypts the communications between a computer's browser and the website. It makes your website more secure, preventing the risk of data theft.


Why does Neolo suit me?


Our mission is that any person or company can turn their idea into a website. We help you develop your personal brand or project, sell online and publish any content you need. To sum up, we help you build your online business.

We are pleased to give a fast and quality customer service, that's why we answer 80% of inquiries in less than 1 hour and have a 9.5/10 reviews qualification. We also have super stable servers and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are part of the Open-Startups movement: we publish our customer service metrics and also the servers stability.

Every week we publish new tutorials, workshops, specialists interviews and knowledge guides so that you can take your entrepreneurial up to the next level.

What is the purpose of using an SSL certificate?


SSL certificates are used to protect your website visitors data, boost confidence in your business and increase sales.

How do I install a SSL certificate?


Neolo's security team will install the SSL certificate on your website and set it up for you. Unless your website is not hosted in Neolo.

I have heard that some SSL certificates are free, can I install them?


Yes, we can install a free one. Please note that free SSL certificates do not work on all browsers and operating systems. We highly recommend that you get a paid SSL certificate, it will work better for your website.

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